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Denver Discovery School is proud to be where community and discovery connect! "Awakening the Sleeping Giant - Soaring to New Heights TOGETHER!"

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Energy Outreach Colorado

If you or someone you know needs assistance paying their energy bill, Energy Outreach Colorado and Denver Public Schools Family and Community Engagement may be able to help. You may qualify to receive up to $2,000 towards your past due utility payments!… Continue Reading

College 101

Join us for the college workshops at Community Hub Smith Elementary Room 108 in November, December and January. Please RSVP by using the QR code or calling 720-423-1170. Checkout the flyer for more information!… Continue Reading

Splash into Science Florida Trip Fundraisers

Welcome to our fundraising for Splash Into Science Florida Trip Fundraisers. Our fundraisers include all of the following: goSneaker and Butter Braids. More information about World’s Finest Chocolate Bars and Pampered Chef is coming soon. Any purchases made will support the DDS Science Florida Trip…. Continue Reading

Denver Discovery School Art Contest

Students at Denver Discovery’s art room are getting creative! They’re participating in a One Point Perspective: Haunted Hallway Assignment/Contest! The One Point Perspective assignment allows students to use a step by step method detailing the use of one point-perspective to create a 3D hallway…. Continue Reading
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