Collaborative Schools Committee Meeting Agenda

Posted January 10, 2022

Denver Discovery School

3480 Syracuse Street

Denver CO, 80238


Date: January 13, 2022                            Time: 6:00-7:00 pm  

Location: Virtual via Zoom 

Mission Statement: The mission of Denver Discovery School is to value every child’s individualized intellectual and social strengths through rigorous, purposeful and relevant learning and leadership opportunities. We foster perseverance and intellectual curiosity so that our students are prepared to meet 21st century academic and personal demands.

Committee Members: 

School Staff: Aaron Carter, Kendrick Friendly, Patricia Williams, Mary Brown, Jennifer Garcia, Lauren Palarino, Sam Varra 

Parents: Jason Mccrea, Corrine Bauer, Mireya Gutierrez, Tinikia Williams, Themyla Noble, Nakira Doss 

CSC Responsibilities:

 School accountability 

● UIP / school improvement plans

 ●Strategies for increasing enrollment 

● Strategies for parent engagement 

● Communication and reporting to families 

● School calendar & start/end times 

● Advise on budget prioritization (budget transparency – line item budget provided) 

● Input on principal development and evaluation 

● Principal selection 



  1. Call to order, welcome
  1. Celebrations 
  1. Public Input
  1. Agenda review and approval of minutes from the previous meeting
  1. Principal’s Report
    1. Virtual School Updates
    2. Recruitment Updates 
    3. Design Plan, thus far 
  1. Discussion items
    1. New Business Items
      1. Schedule Budget Prioritization Work Session 
      2. Schedule Yearly Calendar Work Session 
    2. Old Business Items
      1. Vote to adopt Unified Improvement Plan