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Denver Discovery School’s program encourages young learners to explore a variety of classes and extracurricular activities that lay the foundation for lifelong passions and success. We draw from a variety of curricula and educational styles to tailor time at Denver Discovery School to the brain of a middle school student. Classroom experiences prepare them for high school, college, and career by connecting Common Core concepts to real life applications that open the door to undiscovered possibilities. From math, science, and engineering to social studies, art, and music we strive to give our Discoverers a well-rounded education that pushes learners of all ability levels.

We believe in the connection between home and school being incredibly important in student success socially, emotionally, and academically. To that end we encourage parent involvement and limit work outside of school so that students can experience a positive school and life balance. By educating the whole child we equip our students to navigate life’s challenges on their own while exemplifying our core values of leadership, collaboration, perseverance, compassion, gratitude, and discovery. Our classroom rigor, commitment to hiring excellent instructors, and student-empowering culture aims to grow students’ academic, social, and leadership capacities. We expect excellence in our students and are consistently blown away by what they can accomplish if we equip them with the tools and skills to do so.

Our beautiful facility boasts a state of the art gymnasium, classrooms equipped with smart educational technology, a large playground, and a full sized sports field that is functional not only for sports and Physical Education but also for outside classroom time. Our on-site garden provides hands-on math and science opportunities as well as art inspiration and outdoor classroom space. Our campus partnership with Swigert International School affords our students unique service learning and role model opportunities in addition to providing us with shared amenities like a full time nurse.

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