Denver Discovery School participates in the Denver Prep League, and offers girls and boys competitive sports. Go, Owls!!

Athletic Director – Liz Muth


(Aug-Oct) Fall



(Mar-May)Late Spring

Please be sure that your child has an updated physical!  Physicals need to be updated every 365 days. Also, your $25.00 athletic fee will need to be paid prior to playing in the first game. Uniforms will be provided for our players. Denver Discovery School requires that a completed Physical Form be on file prior to tryouts to ensure the student athlete is in good health. The Physical Form serves as evidence that the student athlete can handle physical rigor that comes with tryouts. Denver Discovery School Athletics will implement an 80% practice rule for all competitive sports.

Athletics Policies

Attendance Policy

Sports that have a try-out process will require student athletes to commit to 2-4 practices a week. Sports that do not require try-outs will expect regular attendance and communication with the coaching staff about absences.

In order to participate in athletics and activities at Denver Discovery School, students must:

BE behaviorally eligible.

Pay a $25 fee when their uniform/gear is issued.

Have the following forms signed and submitted to the main office: Physical/Parent Permission and Emergency Card Click SBHC Sports Physicals Flyer to see their flyer. Any DPS student can use the SBHCs for a sports physical. There is no charge for the service.

Students that leave early for school-sponsored athletics and activities will have an excused absence.

Students will need to make arrangements with the teacher to get any make-up work and notes that they missed. They will have one day to finish the make-up work and return it to the teacher.

Students that participate in competitive sports and activities outside of school are expected to maintain a balance between their commitments.  The DDS perspective is that practice times are essential to preparation for games and failure to comply with attendance expectations will result in suspension or removal from the team.

You can find schedules and more information about the Denver Prep League at

Athletics Forms

Download our Athletics Forms here.