Math Expectations

Mathematics is the sense you never knew you had!

Five Principles of Extraordinary Math Teaching (Mathematical Thinking)

The DDS math department places a robust emphasis on building mathematical foundational skills as well as providing all students with diverse opportunities to excel.

Rising 6th Grade Students

In 6th grade, students take a traditional math class that focuses on providing every student with the skills and concepts that they need to be successful in math for the rest of middle school and high school. Occasionally, a 6th grade student will be placed in a 7th grade math class if they meet BOTH of the following criteria (for students entering from outside the district we will work with families to provide the placement test opportunity):

● Students pass the district’s 6th grade math placement test given at the end of 5th grade.

● AND Students have already completed 6th grade math.

Rising 7th Grade Students

Upon entering 7th grade, students are placed into either a traditional or an accelerated math class for 7th and 8th grade. Students are placed in accelerated math based on EITHER of the following criteria:

● Students score Exceed Expectations on the 6th Grade PARCC Math Test

● OR Students score Exceed Expectations on two of the three school interims

Rising 8th Grade Students

At DDS, we believe in providing all students with the opportunity to take the most rigorous high school sequence of courses possible in mathematics in preparation for college and career. Therefore, our 8th Grade Algebra course covers all topics assessed on the district’s high school math placement exam, which indicates to DPS high schools that a student should be placed on either a typical or an accelerated course of mathematics study. This means all students have the possibility of entering Integrated 2 or Geometry in their Freshman year. Please see the below progressions for a student through middle school math at DDS into their first year of high school.

Accelerated Track Expectations

For students who meet the requirements for entering one of our accelerated tracks, we expect that their effort and learning be maintained at a high level. Specifically, we will use interim assessments (three throughout the year) to progress monitor student learning. If students in accelerated tracks slip below the “meets expectations” level on more than one interim assessment, we will work with the student and family to problem and solve and ensure they are in the best fit possible for their mathematics education.