My son is a 6th Grader at DDS this year and is head over heels for school! I am SO thrilled that we finally found such a magical place where he feels successful and a member of the community… you guys work magic over there! -Parent of a 6th grader

I like this school a lot. I even got a spot in a different school but I decided to stay at this one. I like how small it is. I like the teachers. -Written by a 6th grader

It just warms my heart to hear my daughter is happy and doing so well (she was born happy and smiling!). I am also pleased to hear she is showing great responsibility handling the “job” of caring for your office after school. It was incredibly thoughtful and kind of you to help us out with pick up after school. What a difference an extra five to ten minutes makes. I feel so blessed she is at DDS and well cared for by you and all of your wonderful staff. -Parent of a 6th grader

DDS has an intimate private school feeling. With a leadership that maintains high expectations for teachers and staff, DDS is filled with devoted, hard working, passionate, patient, and dedicated educators. The students all know each others names, and teachers and staff can learn each student’s intricacies and personalities and can quickly and effectively respond to students’ emotional and academic needs. – Teacher’s Aide at DDS

I wanted to follow up with a quick note to all of you to say THANK YOU so much for everything you all do everyday for [student name withheld] and all the kids. Your phone call today was appreciated. These rough spots are a part of life – but I truly believe that the swift attention and thoughtful discourse you are taking the time to have with the kids is building strong, life-long strategies for navigating these difficult relationships. So thank you for taking the time and being so supportive! We have truly found a village at Discovery. -Parent of a 7th grader

I just wanted to say how impressed I’ve been with all your efforts with the GT kids so far. This has been our best year of school EVER in terms of the amount of appropriate challenge for our daughter. She absolutely loves the algebra, and has been wondering how she can get it so they can do that full-time instead of having to go back to regular math. She’s also really been enjoying the enrichment class. We’ve been having great discussions at home over her homework. She gets really energized thinking about these real world problems. I feel that the Language Arts class is also better leveled this year.  -Parent of a 7th grader

My child (and every child) is well known at DDS. Faculty and staff have a three-dimensional understanding of her as a person. Her strengths, weaknesses and needs in the academic, physical, social and emotional realms. The teachers at DDS have repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to her development and growth as a whole person. -Parent of a 7th grader

When asked recently what she likes about DDS, my daughter replied, “My teachers know what each other are doing. What I am learning about in one class relates to what I am learning about in another class, it all comes together.” -Parent of a 7th grader

My daughter is consistently challenged to do her best academically, and yet she is not ever pressed to a place of feeling overwhelmed or defeated. It is a delicate balance that has been achieved by her teachers. -Parent of a 7th grader

We have said this a number of times, we could not imagine ourselves being happier with you and your staff, they/you are incredible. -Parent of a 7th grader

These teachers, this team, this leadership is so far beyond all-stars that the appropriate title for you has not even been created yet. The willingness to listen to feedback and make adjustments is so refreshing and so wonderful. Keep up your outstanding work educating our kids! -Parent of a 7th grader

I can’t stress enough how wonderful each and every teacher was to meet. They all seemed enthusiastic and very much cared about the successes of their students! -Parent of a 7th grader

Our boys were both so excited about the school after the tour. The dinner conversation was fun listening to them talk about what interested them most (Minecraft, advanced math, basketball, small classes, etc.) Thanks again, and we look forward to making Discovery School our first choice! -Parent of a 7th grader