Menu information is provided directly to Denver Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services each month. To view monthly menus as they’re made available, check out DPS’ Food & Nutrition Services site. To add money to your child’s lunch account, please visit the My School Bucks website.

My School Bucks

New on Parent Portal: Make Student Payments Online

Families now have the option to make student payments online, thanks to a DPS partnership with MySchoolBucks. And, with a Parent Portal account, paying for meals, registration fees, and student fees – like field trips, lab or athletic costs – has never been easier!
We want to be sure the tool is easy for you to use. That’s why there’s, a site that provides detailed instructions on how to sign in to MySchoolBucks through your Parent Portal account or access directly. On, you’ll also find a MySchoolBucks user guide that can be translated into multiple languages and contact information if you need support.