Transportation & Safety

Bus Information

If you have been assigned a bus route, DPS Department of Transportation should have already contacted you. Per Denver Public School policies, middle school students are assigned a bus automatically if they live more than 2.5 miles away from the school. This is an increase from the elementary standard of 1 mile. If you wish to try for a bus assignment, you may fill out an exception form starting August 12, 2019. This form can only be accessed through Parent Portal.

Schedules are below:

DDS AM & PM Bus Route

Transportation exception instructions

Safety Drill Protocol

Here is a link to more information on our Safety Drill Protocol.

Safe 2 Tell

Parents are key players in creating safer schools and communities.

Safe2Tell Colorado provides the only anonymous way for students, parents and community members to report unsafe and risky behaviors before they grow out of control. Each year, Safe2Tell Colorado receives thousands of reports on bullying, cyber-bullying, suicide threats, mental health concerns, child abuse, substance abuse, violence, planned school attacks, and other concerning behaviors. Each concern reported to Safe2Tell Colorado allows for caring, concerned adults to effectively intervene in the life of a child or youth who is struggling.

Drop-off/Pick-up & Inclement Weather Days

Drop-off & Pick-up

If you plan to drop off your child, please enter through the west side parking lot off of Syracuse St. parking lot and use the “Kiss and Go Lane”. Drop-off is no earlier than 7:15 a.m. No supervision exists before 7:15 a.m. anywhere on the school premises, including the playground or inside the building. At 7:15 a.m. the playground gates will be opened and students will convene on the blacktop.

Inclement Weather Days

Unscheduled school closings will be reported through local news outlets and posted on the DPS and Denver Discovery School websites. You can check the websites at: or

Bike Safety

Please remember to talk to your students about how important it is to be cautious while crossing the busy streets surrounding our campus. Students need to be extra cautious when crossing these streets going to and from school. Drivers you have a responsibility too, and even more so than our students.

Below are a few safety reminders to review with your children:

Parents and caregivers who drive on campus and in neighborhoods near school can play an important role in enhancing safety near schools by following safe driving practices. At arrival and dismissal times, drivers are often in a hurry and distracted which can lead to unsafe conditions for students and others walking, bicycling and driving in the area.

Driver Safety

Parents, please assist us in reinforcing safety messages within your families. We cannot stress enough the importance of all individuals taking extra care and being more aware of their surroundings as they walk, ride their bikes/scooters or drive their cars to and from school. Thank you!